It struck me today. Mother’s Day. A day set aside to honor the women who have helped shape us. It started when my wife remarked that many of her students were away this weekend attending a Y-guides retreat. Now I’ve got nothing against this great YMCA program. Jessica and I enjoyed this sweet father-daughter activity for several years when she was little. But a getaway on Mother’s Day weekend? The “Y” is not alone in its scheduling of events on what used to be holidays set apart to honor others. Add in sports tournaments and fishing openers, and we’re losing a thread of what it used to mean to honor our mothers and fathers.

Could it be that we’ve elevated loving our kids over honoring our own mothers and wives? Listen, I’m just processing out loud here, but there is something at this core that is bothering me today. I love my kids. I cherish time spent with them, but the best thing I can do for them is love their mother deeply.

So, no actual real estate talk here. Just some thoughts on honoring all the incredible women out there who live selfless lives devoted to family. Let’s create homes and lives that give them the honor and respect they deserve.